Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Engine: Unity

Platform: PC/Android

Development time: 2 Weeks

Team: 5 Student Generalists


  • Main Programmer
  • UX Designer
  • Puzzle Designer

A short and sweet narrative platformer about a hamster looking for the falafel truck that he saw on TV. A freak lightning strike gave him the power to grow when he is moving, only to shrink back down whenever he stops. The player must use this power to solve puzzles and ultimately get the coveted Falafel.

A two week project by a passionate group of budding game creators. None of us had ever worked in 3D before, and we taught ourselves a lot in a very short time to make the game a reality. The mechanics of the hamster scaling itself in real time proved the biggest challenge for me, and a lot of work went into making sure the physics would not break during gameplay. Aside from programming I also worked on both the design and the implementation of the puzzles.